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Wellington Chapter – EOI Form

To apply to become a Patriot member you must have served or are still serving in the Army, Air Force or Navy, regular or reserve, not only in NZ but anywhere in the world, and supply proof of such service. Women are also welcome to join as members, if they meet the same criteria.

You must own a bike of 250cc or more, have no criminal convictions, be the owner of a current motorcycle licence, and be prepared to abide by Patriot DFMC Articles of Association and Chapter Bylaws as observed by each Chapter.

The process typically takes 3 months from submission of the EOI application until Nomination status. Upon being a Nomination, you will be asked to attend rides and then plan and lead your own ride with guidance from the Road Captains and Sergeant At Arms. Upon successfully running your own ride, the members vote for you to become a full membership, providing there have been no “issues” within the application period.

After becoming a fully badged member there is still a probation period of 6 months in which membership can be revoked by the Executive Committee if there has been a serious breach of discipline.

Membership can also be terminated if fellow members believe a Patriot has failed to maintain the accepted standards required of our values, ethos and Articles of Association.

To become a member, fill out the attached “Expression of interest” form, and email it to;

This is not an application form, but allows us to keep you informed of Patriots activities so you can come along introduce yourself, meet people and it also gives us the chance to meet you.

After 2-3 such meetings and you would like to join, an official application form is then filled out and given to the Sgt at Arms.

There is no fee for becoming an Expression Of Interest (EOI). There is a $100 non-refundable fee paid on becoming a Nomination (This includes a Wellington Chapter rocker badge and polo shirt with Patriots logo which comes with the nom pack). Once “badged” the yearly subs for full members is $50 pa paid prior to AGM in August each year.

We also have Supporter memberships, who will normally be partners or spouses of full members and/or civilian employees of the NZDF. The membership fee for a Supporter is koha

If you have any other questions please do not hesitate to contact the Secretary

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