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Patriots NZ DFMC

The Patriots Defence Force Motorcycle Club is an international motorcycle club for all male and female serving and ex-serving regular and reserve Defence force personnel.

We share a love of all motorbikes, riding and mixing with others who share the same passion. Our common bond, is having served or still serving our country, and that camaraderie and friendship is carried on in the Patriots culture. Overseas defence force personnel are also eligible to join.

The first New Zealand Patriots Chapter was formed in 1998 by a group of serving and associated RNZN personnel. The New Zealand club was initially modelled on the Australian Patriots, but over the years has evolved into an organisation with its own Kiwi flavour, where serving and ex serving members can get together in a social environment and share their love of motorcycles and riding.

Since 1998, 5 other chapters have started around the country, due to the strong interest and demand by others looking for this type of Club. Christchurch began in 2000, Nelson Marlborough West Coast 2006, Hauraki 2008, Manawatu 2010 and Wellington 2012.

All Chapters abide by a National Constitution and also observe similar ethos and values of the NZ Defence Force. These are, but not limited to, no illegal drugs, violence, theft or discrimination of any kind against any person, serving or non serving.

Wellington Chapter

Wellington Chapter was formed on 18 August 2012, up until this time we were part of the Manawatu Chapter. This start date was a very poignant time in NZ Patriots history. We lost our first Patriot member, Killed in Action when Corporal Douglas Grant NZSAS died on operations in Afghanistan on the 18th August 2011 . “Duggy” was originally a member of the Hauraki Chapter, but due to growth, was a driving force in the formation of the Manawatu Chapter, So it is a very special date for Wellington Chapter, and it is at this time, every year, when the rest of the NZ Chapters around the county join together to commemorate and remember his time with us.

The Club paying their respects to Duggie
The Club paying their respects to Duggie

Wellington Chapter boundaries are from Wellington, up to Otaki, a line across the Tararua Ranges to Masterton, and back down to Wellington. However, due to the nomadic nature of Service life the Patriots has always had a relaxed approach to which chapter members belong to.

The Chapter meets once a month and we show our support for local and regional RSA’s by attempting to hold our meetings in them. A monthly meeting day starts with a ride, the meeting, a bite of lunch, then back to home locations.  We also often attend bike rallies, poker runs, charitable rides and other activities put on by other clubs.  Attendance at these activities may be organised as a Club, Chapter, or just as a group of individuals.

So if you have a love of motorbikes…and we don’t mind if it isn’t a Harley…. enjoy mixing with past and present service personnel, then by all means get in contact with the secretary, and get on board. Joining details on the membership page.

One of the best things about the Patriots is catching up with old friends you may not have seen for many, many years, or who you served with all those years ago. We have Vietnam vets amongst some of our members and they enjoy catching up with other vets in different Chapters…. and that is the best part, “brothers in arms”.

Our Badge.

 The Patriots badge has a very special meaning to us.

Firstly, the skull represents those service personnel who have paid the ultimate price serving our country, and the red represents the blood they spilt doing so.

The beret is a headdress worn, at times, by all three Services at home in New Zealand or on operations, and the colour black represents mourning.  By way of contrast, white is the colour of peace, the ultimate goal all our members have fought or served for .

Finally, the three services are represented with very traditional emblems. An anchor of the Navy, swords for Army, and wings for the Air Force.

We wear this badge with pride and honour on the left hand side of our vests over the heart.

Non Backpatch.

 We are not a “backpatch” or 1% club and do not associate or follow any of these clubs or their guidelines.

We do not condone any association of our members, whilst wearing Patriots regalia, with these types of clubs.

Thanks for stopping by, and we look forward to riding with you.


Patriots, Wellington Chapter.


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